Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Debt in Black America: Pimp Rule #34

     Now when I first seen this CNN special report initially I was somewhat indifferent on it in regards to my perceptions and/or attitudes but then as I began to think about it as a person who has personally transitioned from a have not to somewhat of someone who is considerably well off then that's when I became moved to really sit down and try and address it. "It" being what the segment referred to as Debt in America, specifically within the black community. Also I thought it was also very interesting how they attempted to tie religion and faith into the dialog as it relates to the health and welfare of our economic status as if the 2 are linked? maybe? maybe not? but nonetheless, wasn't religion the same thing that was and always has been used to control us as slaves by our slave masters?
     But at any rate, I think there were about 3 different stories that were being attempted to be told...all in different situations from 3 different points of view: a young college bound kid, an older out of work gentlemen suffering from the cutbacks of the recession, and the other a married couple who was otherwise able to afford a pretty good lifestyle prior to the economic decline.

     So I guess in order if I start with to me whats the easiest decomposable to not first up is: Dude #2 - the older gentlemen who got downsized due to the recession. First of all I wanna say that my hat goes off to this guy because of the tenacity of his struggle and grind and the shear amount of optimism that he was able to keep despite his diversity, that's god like right there. So to be honest, what can you really say being in this situation....
this is everyone's worst nightmare straight up and down and whether you are black or not the reality is anyone who was downsized are were over 50 all faced these same problems man...the age gap and the salary/entitlements level for major players like that are huge so now as many companies begin to move forward with a new more agile deployment strategy for execution unfortunately it doesn't include the composition and design of 20-30 yr experienced executives, rather most companies are seeking a new, young, and more innovate talent pool. And I'm not denying their value, but even working within the executive levels of leadership myself I can kinda see where the trade offs are being made. These things happen by design, not consequences. However I do think all of these ladies and gentlemen could become the future of new business beginning to sprout up..why not right? they are experienced, vested, and have tremendous connectivity within the business community themselves.

And to the kid with the college story, man that's just same college story as everyone else all most but I gotta say what did kinda throw me off was how you didn't see any dialog in there of how this kid was gonna make sure he was going to try and get some money (his pastor referenced working but the homey ain't say nothing) so I'm still trying to figure out where his grind was? When most of the black people I know in similar situations are so busy trying to grind so to me it seemed like the polar opposite, many of them aren't even looking for any scholarships because the grind and overcoming of obstacles is so deeply embedded in them. The moral to the story here is any and every young and successful black male or female that have been able to work their way up to the collegiate levels and even graduate or PHD degrees all, we all, have done so by using that same sentiment of having to overcome hurdles and obstacles as motivators and critical success factors in thriving to get to that next level. Watching the program honestly I couldn't even see the hunger in my mans voices or his eyes so I think its more or less going to show in your actions, his actions. Now if CNN had shown the a kid who maybe had a job, 2nd hustle on the side or something and he made references with some realer dialog then maybe I would give him a pass, but in this case I can't. In this case quite simply as a young black man attempting to take your future serious I personally believe that you kinda have to take onus of that and confront getting your education in an / with a unstoppable mindset. Debt is always temporary depending how to play it. Every physician you see riding around in Lamborghini's had to be in debt at one time but if you internalize it as an investment into your future sky's the limit baby! Another disadvantage  I've often seen to is many times young black men or women often fail to realize how to bring resources to themselves...whether it be funding or anything so the point here is to be and stay engaged in your future, seek out the resources you need (scholarships, tuition reimbursement programs, side jobs, anything that can help you get to the next level. This world is a resource driven one so go hard or be like them....

And then for the married they were an example of everything I would not ever want to be! It looked like to me they probably started feeling themselves because they ran into a lil money (i think the show said their mortgage was like 4 stacks) and forgot where they came from. I say that because as your situations change then you must change with you are trying to hold onto a $4,000 mortgage with only one income and then although they downgraded to one car that car was still a BMW and a gas gussler at that. Personally speaking on experience there ain't a  black woman I know that'll do no shit like that, thats how you can tell this couple must have been some of these siditty n!ggas that thought they've done reached the promise land LMAO. Now as a man I can probably imagine the frustration of putting ya family into a home and then having to hand it back over to the bank but ya daughter is about to try and get into school, ya wife looking like she thinks to good to work at Walmart, and you got a 4 stack mortgage plus a BMW??? Man I would told that big bitch to either hop her fat ass on one of them poles or find us a 2 bedroom apartment! Now I ain't the smartest man in america but it seems to me like in times of economic distress, the objective is to begin to try and economize and become efficient not egotistical and trying to show ya nutsack. Which cordially leads me to

Pimp rule #34 - if you ever gotta explain to your wife or girl why you gotta get rid of the house and she can't understand why or she starts complaining - then you are the one being pimped slapped fuck boy bcuz you got a silly hoe in the first place, (if she can spend it and count it but can't figure out how to make it stretch, then move on because you are doing wrong playboy) and the minute you try and leave then she's gonna go and try to take half of yo shit because she doesn't wanna feel bad by her damn self anyway....#chuuuch

But all and all I honestly really gotta say i don't really know anyone like these people that they try and link us to in the media....everybody I know got problems and on the grind. Where was the single parent mother w/ 3 kids, or the family that has a wife who works as a office asst w/ a husband who works at the trucking company with a special needs child, or the young couple w/ a newborn baby trying to make ends meet but its difficult because he's done served a bid up state? Why is there no shows on what kinda debt these people have? I appreciate the effort but honestly I rather watch Meet the Browns instead.

One Love

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