Saturday, October 30, 2010

WTF: Halloween Candy May Cause Obesity...Really? Cmonson....

     WTF? So tell me why I heard today that some communities and principalities are considering foregoing Trick or Treating this year because of argumentable evidence currently being made available indicating that the holiday may produce causes that lead to obesity? So now after the past 50 or 60 yrs in 2010 we decide that Trick or Treating, which is one day of the yr (or actually a month or so if you consider the amount of time it'll actually talk for all of the candy to be adsorbed) is found to be a cause of one of the cause of obesity? LMAO. Man these healthcare providers and officials from the Food and Drug Administration need to stop that ish and let these kids go hard. After all thats what kids do right? Man these kids probably don't even know what real candy is nowadays like the candy I ate growing up. So not a single piece of candy that was purchased/produced in the 80's caused obesity but now in 2010 it does? Sounds to me like a cop-out! Now I could agree w/ the argument of a shift in lifestyle changes...from the lack of activity/physical education nowadays maybe because of video games, changes in the educational system, or the growing popularity of utilizing computers but Halloween? #Cmonson that's a kids holiday! Halloween is and always has been a sugar rush for leave these little kids alone man!

Courtesy of Avant News:
Boulder, October 28, 2008 -- A seven-year dietary and fitness study released today reaches the disturbing conclusion that Halloween candy, long a staple of American holiday witches, goblins, vampires and presidents of all ages, may be a contributing factor in obesity.

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