Thursday, October 28, 2010

BP Poll: I Guess No One is Attending Church the Way they Used to....

I guess I'ma kinda surprised by these numbers but then again I'ma really not but I wonder what my moms would most people although as much as they try to stress it, Jesus or religion to them is a relative term which means it's only valuable when its convenient otherwise the rejoicing of such is a secondary factor...

According to News One:
We at NewsOne are collaborating with Black Planet to conduct poll questions three days a week. Our poll question for this past weekend focuses on the main institution in our community – our churches.

“How often do you attend church?”

Below are the poll results...
  • Daily 3%
  • Weekly 33%
  • Monthly 13%
  • Rarely or never 51%
  • Total Responses: 2,299

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